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Seldomo is the brainchild of Mike Corrado, a musician from Queens, NY. When most New Yorkers are out at their bar of choice, Seldomo songs are slowly being developed and recorded with the help of some friends in a Queens Bedroom. Sam Yannotti acts as co-producer giving his unmatched opinion on mixing and mastering, as well as throwing down some tasty licks when necessary. Many friends from other bands have collaborated, including (but not limited to) Lindsey & Janise Lazarte (of Until Love) and Billy Mcfeely (of Concrete Waves). The result is something truly unique, harking back to the storytelling days of early folk, while incorporating synthesizers and other production techniques previously unavailable to your average singer-songwriter.

Since it’s inception, Seldomo has gone through various phases. What started as acoustic guitar and harmonica driven folk music eventually morphed into downtempo indie rock featuring both acoustic instruments and electronically generated synthesizers.

In it’s current form, Mike is joined on stage by Justin Baer on drums and Ray Andreason on bass. Together, the “Tomorrow Trio” has traveled to Philly and continues to play shows periodically around the Tristate area.